ūnicus m ‎(feminine ūnica, neuter ūnicum); first/second declension

only, sole, single

Unicus is a unique independent consulting firm.

We provide Business Planning, Information Technology evaluation, Design and Development, Procurement, Implementation, and Support Services.

Our team is a group of individuals from various countries and backgrounds working together with our clients to develop smart and simple communication solutions.

We are here, but we would prefer to talk face to face, over a coffee or something stronger if you fancy it.

We understand that your needs are often complex, and timing is critical. That’s why we’re here. Let us know how we can help.


Unicus Technologies Inc.

1431 Jim Allen Way
London, Ontario
N6K 0C2

+1 519 701 2916

Dubai, U.A.E:

Unicus Technologies

Suite 624
Tamani Arts Office Business Bay
P.O. Box: 120193

+971 4 587 3344